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    Washing Machines! Empty Washing Machines!

    Post by Karenn on Sun 30 Aug - 19:18

    Here are some tips to help you keep your washing machine clean:
    1. First and foremost, you may have to run a cycle of hot water. Add two cups of lemon water or vinegar, remember do not add more than two cups, these ingredients are acidic and may react with the metal and may cause some oxidation if not used in proper quantities. The hot water cycle with vinegar or lime juice, loosen ups the soap and grime deposits within the washing machine.

    2. The fabric softener receptacle can be removed and can be cleaned externally. You can remove the fabric softener receptacle and clean it in detergent mixed with hot water, you may soak it for some time within the hot water mixed with detergent.

    3. The bleach dispenser is another area that needs to looked after and cleansed. You can clean the dispenser with paper towels, Q-tips and some spray cleaner, do no overdo the spray cleaning part here, may damage the dispenser.

    4. The top rim of your wash bucket, is another place that requires some cleaning action. The rim, under and up, usually gets deposited with dirt and soil, which cant bee seen easily. To clean the bucket rims, start the washing machine and run the hot water cycle once more.

    5. You can clean your washing machine from the outside, using hot water and vinegar mix, dip a cloth towel in this solution and polish your washing machine from the outside.

    6. Keeping an eye on the hoses is also a good idea. Over time the hoses that come stock with your washing machine, may begin to leak. So it is a good idea to check your washing machine hoses for any leaks or bursts.

    Love Karen and Taylor oxo

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