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Barking Mad.
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Dogstrust - UKs largest dog welfare charity. Helping dogs of all breeds and ages.
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    Assessment Guidelines

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    Assessment Guidelines Empty Assessment Guidelines

    Post by Cameron on Fri 11 Mar - 22:07

    Dogs must be shown on an Assessor approved show lead and/or collar appropriate for that dog, but may not include a slip collar.
    The Assessor will be looking for easily controlled movement that shows the dog's optimum gait and standing position. Turns during movement will be expected to be efficient and the dog should return as quickly as possible to optimum gait.

    The "show stand" will be expected to be balanced to demonstrate the dog's best points, and may be handled as traditionally expected for that breed.
    The "relaxed stand" will be where the dog is waiting to be viewed, but not causing a distraction for the judge or other competitors.

    Dogs must be shown on an approved show lead. This may NOT include a slip collar.
    Ringcraft Level 1
    The dog must be positioned into a stand appropriate to the breed and hold that position for 15 seconds.

    Ringcraft Level 2
    The dog must be shown at the appropriate gait in a straight line with a turn away from the dog and shown towards a point 2m away from the Assessor.
    Ringcraft Level 3
    The dog must be placed in the stand whilst the Assessor inspects the dog as a judge in the ring. On one repetition the Assessor will direct another person to inspect the dog.
    Ringcraft Level 4
    The dog must be brought straight into the ring and complete at least 3 circuits with at least 3 other gaiting dogs. The dog must be shown in a left cornered triangle for optimum viewing by the Assessor and complete the triangle with a free stand that is held for 1 minute.
    Ringcraft Level 5
    The dog must be shown in a left cornered triangle and then a straight line and return for optimum viewing by the Assessor. The dog must be shown in a straight line parallel with another dog with a turn in towards the dog. Both dogs must maintain the stand position side by side.
    Ringcraft Level 6
    The dog must enter the ring and complete at least 3 continuous circuits to a controlled show stand. The dog must maintain a relaxed stand for 10 minutes before being placed in the show stand prior to visual inspection. The dog will then be inspected by the Assessor, gaited in a triangle and straight line to demonstrate movement to be completed with a show stand that is maintained for 3 minutes. During this test the dog must be in the company of at least 5 other dogs or any breed.
    The dog must be placed in the show stand, and maintain that position whilst the trainer moves away as if for a photograph.

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