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Dogstrust - UKs largest dog welfare charity. Helping dogs of all breeds and ages.
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    Meet the Team 2011

    Golden Years
    Golden Years

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    Meet the Team 2011 Empty Meet the Team 2011

    Post by Cameron on Sun 30 Jan - 23:16


    My name is Evy, and I am admin on this forum.
    This is a little bit about me:

    I have had dogs for almost 27 years. I've had a little different breeds, the labrador, golden retriver, mixed labrador / golden retriver, Japanese Spitz, afgansk Greyhound, and now I have two GSD`s.
    I have worked as a help instructor at our local Dog Club. I have also worked at a dog kennel, where I helped the dogs who had bad experiences with bad owners ... made them confident in themselves again and got a new homes for them.
    Besides this, I have trained a dog in search and rescue.
    Currently, I have begun to compete in obedience with my bitch, and hopefully will also be starting my male ready for competitions.


    name is Karen,
    I am currently Administrator on the forum & the
    forum's founder. I am currently at school. But in the meantime I like
    to train my German shepherd, agility and obedience, however, I have
    never entered him into a competition! I love to take pictures, and have
    my own website about my photography. I am willing to be a Veterinary Nurse when I leave school.


    Hi there my name is Jenny & I'm part of the Admin team here on Barking Mad.

    I have loved animals all my life, & grew up with Cats as my parents wouldnt allow me to have a Dog.

    Once I settled down & had my own house at the age of 21 I got my first German Shepherd Puppy who I named Max, this was the start of my gsd passion. Skye followed on 4 months later.

    Seventeen years on I now have three more maniac GSDs, & plan to start a zoo with Evy.

    My Dogs are my world, & I doubt that I will ever be without a Dog for the rest of my life.


    Hi all, my name is Laura and I was very honoured to be asked to become a moderator of this wonderful forum recently! I currently have five dogs, Jake my old boy (a Jack Russell), he was my very first dog when I moved out from my Mums house. He is getting rather old and senile at times, but we all still love him and he is still the boss! Then we have Bonnie and Clyde the terrible twosome! Again Jack Russells. They are so opposite to each other it is funny. Bonnie loves everyone and everything, you only have to look at her and she gives you this wonderful toothy grin, Clyde on the other hand is a typical boy (sorry chaps!!) he is grumpy most of the time and will only play or cuddle if he feels like it! Bailey is my fourth (and final!) Jack, he is a complete Mummies boy! Always first in line for cuddles and will do nearly everything I ask of him, especially if there is food involved! Last but by no means the least is Ozzie, my baby boy! He is the softest most wonderful German Shepherd. He is loving and loyal and so full of fun! Ozzie is my second GSD, I very sadly had to have my first one put to sleep after she got cancer. Jazz, she was a complete lunatic! No other way to describe her, she was very trying and could be a complete and utter cow at times, but then she would give you the eyes and all would be forgiven!

    I have always had dogs around, growing up my parents always had at least 2 dogs. We had things from Heinz varieties, border terriers, spaniels and collies. I obviously followed in their footsteps. And I think that at least one of my two daughters will follow suit too. Ellie my youngest daughter has taken a very keen interest in the dogs and regularly takes Bailey training. She is also very good at helping out with the dogs and will help with the feeding and cleaning! I don't know how many 8 year old girls will go around poop scooping without even having to be asked!!! My eldest daughter Shannon loves the dogs very much, but doesn't have the stomach for cleaning up after them, or handling the raw food they are fed on!! I am also very fortunate to have a very understanding husband who thankfully is very dog orientated too!

    I hope that everyone who visits the forum has as much fun as I do on here, I have met some really great people while I have been here. Well, that's me!


    I am Neil
    I'm 47 years old,and live in Derbyshire
    England. I have had many dogs my first was a mongrel called Sheba,
    since then i have had jrt's, Bassett hound, German shepherd's, 4 St
    Bernard's now have 2 German shepherds. Im a house husband at the moment
    but do home checks, and dog assessments for a German shepherd rescue
    I love being on the pc messing with them, i don't always
    get it right, and playing with the dogs, i would like to get my dog to
    a higher level of obedience.

    Female Location : UK
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    Meet the Team 2011 Empty Re: Meet the Team 2011

    Post by Sue on Wed 25 May - 21:52

    Hi Im Sue and have recently been asked to join the Moderators in this wonderful forum Happy

    I have loved dogs for as long as i can remember, and as a child used to gather up all the strays that roamed the streets and bring them home - only to be told to take them all back to where I found them lol

    I currently have 2 GSD's. Halli is 10 years and Celt is 13 months. I lost my beloved Wraith in November 2010 and not a day goes by when I dont think of him or talk to him Sad

    I train in Obedience and Agility, Tracking and Searching, and we are members of our dog club display team

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