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    How to: Introduce a new dog to your cat.

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    How to: Introduce a new dog to your cat.

    Post by Cameron on Thu 28 Oct - 20:49

    This is a question that arsies from time to time. It can be difficult to introduce a dog to a cat and vica versa.

    The best way to introduce a cat to a dog is to do it gradually. The biggest thng you want to avoid at first is havng your cat run away and your dogs prey instinct kick in, in other words you do not want your new dog chasing your cat. Progressive steps need to be taken to introduce them to each other in a safe manner so there will be no chasing and no mishaps.

    When introducing your new dog to your cat. On day (1) place your cat into a room on it's own with some water and it's litter box. Allow your new dog a few hours to sniff around your house, it's new surroundings to generally get use to the place and it's smells. After a few hours confine the dog to a room close the door and allow your cat out to sniff the air and get use to the smell of your new dog. After a few hours place your cat back into it's room or if you have a sufficent room for your new dog keep your dog confined but I have found it easier to confine the cat rather then the dog.

    Day 2 Have your cat in it's room, set up a baby gate at the door and bring your dog to the room open the door a crack and allow the dog to sniff the cat through the crack in the door for about 30-60 seconds. Do not forget to praise and reward your dog for goods behaviour.

    After every introduction session place your dog in a room and allow your cat out to sniff around and have " it's " house back for a few hours, then place cat back in it's safe room.

    On Day 3 increase the amounts of time your dog has to view your cat through the door crack. If your dog is coming along nicely open the door further. Make sure your baby gate is set up securely so that your dog can not go through it. Always praise and reward your dog for good behaviour.

    Once your dog will sit quietly and view your cat then open the door completely, with baby gate up of course. Have your dog sit and watch your cat, while doing this walk to another room calling your dog with you play or love on your dog then stop and ignore both dog and cat but do not stop paying attention to what they are doing. Eventually your dog will become bored with the cat.

    Eventually leave the door completely opne while youa re at home and able to supervise. This may take a couple to a few months to acheive. For use it was about 3 months before I trusted them enough together to leave them alone. Always err on the side of caution. Eventually your dog adn cat will co-exsist, they may never eally liek each otehr but they can live together. One thing I always do is make sure the dog knows the cat is king or queen and can do no wrong , it is the dog that must behave.

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