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Barking Mad.
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    Alfie, been to the vets.


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    Alfie, been to the vets.

    Post by Karenn on Tue 20 Oct - 22:37

    Well my Nan noticed last Friday morning, something was wrong with Alfie (the cat, she found on boxing day). He tried to squat and pee, but when he did this he didn't pee. My Nan thought he might have had feline cyctitis or a water infection. She made him an appointment straight away to go the vets in the afternoon. They examined and said, he appears to have arthritis in his feet - which came to a shock, because he is very rarely out in the cold, but thinking about the age he could be, I guess it's quite likely - giving him some meta-cam, my Nan left relieved it wasn't nothing serious..

    But today she noticed he wasn't eating like he usually does, so my Nan made him another appointment to the vets to check his teeth - he was drinking/lapping OK. My Nan got down there on time, and got seen to and they don't know what it is. He's had a blood test to see if his kidneys are OK - but the vet said, she thinks they are OK but just to be on the safe side.

    She has an appointment booked for him, tomorrow afternoon - fingers crossed that it's nothing serious.

    Love Karen and Taylor oxo

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